It is normal and understandable that as a seller you want to get the most for you home and come away with the best profit possible. There is no debate that homeowners do have the right to market their own property. The debate seems to be whether or not exercising that right is the best option. There are some facts that need to be taken into consideration before embarking upon this FSBO mission.  Below is a graph of some of the things your agent would typically do for you, that now will be your responsibility. If as a homeowner, you have plenty of time to be available for these duties, it should be manageable. It can be overwhelming, but it is doable. (And, we have a team in place and will attempt to help you if you find you cannot do it all.) And remember your agent negotiates on your behalf. WHEN YOU HIRE A REAL ESTATE AGENT TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY, YOUR AGENT REPRESENTS YOU AND NEGOTIATES ON YOUR BEHALF AS WELL AS DOING ALL THE FOLLOWING!

The Three Things Every Seller Wants

  1. Sell Quickly!
  2. Keep as Much Money as Possible!
  3. Do it with as Little Hassle as Possible! (now and in the future)

Best Way to Sell Quickly

The absolute best way of course is hiring a real estate agent to sell your property. A good real estate agent utilizes multiple avenues of advertising your property. Unless your property can be easily found, it will not quickly sell. Until the last few years, a home-owner could put a picture of their home in a local newspaper and the property hunters would scour the papers to find your home. However, today’s market is geared toward an entirely different type of marketing and it is marketed toward a totally new kind of buyer. Buyers today nearly want to qualify their interest in a particular property thru video tours, virtual furniture display, aerial views and other tech savvy exposures even before they physically make an effort to look at your home. Are you prepared to do these things, and would you know where to expose them? Most home owners do not, but a good real estate agent will. The quickest way to sell your home is to get your home’s availability broadcast as wide and fast as possible.

How to Keep As Much Money as Possible

Typically, a “For Sale By Owner” is an attempt to save on real estate commissions. And that is perfectly understandable.  However, the typical FSBO sells for about 10% less than a home listed with a Realtor, for several reasons. Usually, home owners may not be as savvy about pricing their home, mainly due to the lack of access to current market statistics. Given the fact that sellers think they are saving on the cost of hiring an agent the seller feels they can lower their asking price to be more competitive; hence, often pricing lower than market to begin with. Then usually an agent brings them a buyer so now they are having to deduct that percentage from the profit, which was already reduced. A buyer is not likely to offer full price (lowering profits again) and in fact, has an agent representing their interests and advising them to offer less. Furthermore, since the seller does not have anyone negotiating on his or her behalf, there is the uncertainty of whether or not to let this “bird in the hand” get away. Should we accept the offer? What if we don’t get another? Are we going to regret this later? Without a agent, the seller actually has no representation or a educated person to get advice from.

Is there such a thing as a Stress-Free Real Estate Transaction

The quick answer is NO! From the moment your home is on the market, your life is controlled by the hope of a sale. It took you some agonizing moments to decide to “stick a sign in the yard”, and that was just the beginning. From extra housekeeping duties, grooming of the exterior or curb impression and maintaining both immaculately, you may already feel overwhelmed with stress. Certainly, you will need to decide on internet advertising methods take pictures, make videos and upload them fairly often. “What a hassle”! And that is only the beginning. Buyers who see a sign in the yard “For Sale by Owner” think nothing of showing up without an appointment, during meal times, bed time for the kids, or as you are just walking in from work. There are also (what agent’s refer to as) “professional lookers” that just enjoy looking at homes for ideas and entertainment; and you after madly doing last minute grooming to the house,  will be unknowingly scheduling in valuable time to accommodate “just lookers”. Then there are the ones who call and make appointments and after your already busy schedule is placed on hold for them, they don’t bother to show or even call. Or, they DO show, tell you they want to buy,  negotiate a lower price, and assure you it’s a done deal;  you announce your home is off the market, only to find out they can’t even qualify for a loan. Now the you are back to square one. All the above are even before you start the paper train and inspections, and appraisals and required lender repairs etc. etc.


  • Your agent, first of all represents YOU!
  • Your agent will advise you on the best realistic marketable price for your property.
  • Your agent will fight to get you the most money for your property.
  • Your agent will pre-screen “lookers”.
  • Your agent will only show your home to pre-qualified buyers.
  • Your agent will meet other agents, unlock the door, so you can carry on as usual.
  • Your agent can brag on your house without seeming to be biased.
  • Your agent will take professional pictures, videos, and create eye-catching marketing flyers and ads.
  • Your agent will advertise to other agents who have buyers.
  • Your agent will target buyers at large with very specific marketing.
  • Your agent will provide forms to complete the purchase agreement.
  • Your agent will make certain that forms are completed correctly.
  • Your agent will make sure forms are correctly signed.
  • Your agent will ensure all time lines are met and adhered to.
  • Your agent will coordinate the numerous facets of a potential closing.
  • Your agent will have contacts to get done all that is required by a lender.
  • Your agent will be on a first name basis with most of the lenders and be able to move things along.
  • Your agent will make numerous trips to your home to meet appraisers, inspectors, repairmen etc.

The list goes on and on! Now do you still want to take on the task of selling yourself. If not, we would love to be your agent. Call Texas Partners Real Estate. We will take good care of you!



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