Time to Push Send?

Deciding to sell is like the first time you braved up to make your first online purchase. Your finger hovered over the “send” key in seemingly suspended animation.  Yet, when you forced your hand to respond and pushed the key, you felt an instant sense of exhilaration co-mingled with a little fear and trepidation. So it is with selling your home. You want to… but you don’t want to “push the send key”. That is where a good agent can make all the difference.  Is it time for you to “push send”?

The hardest part is often detaching yourself from the current property in order to make another house your home.  Remember, there is someone out there with the dream of owning a home just exactly like yours; in fact, it IS yours, but they just don’t know it yet. They have not found it yet, but they will know it when they do! In releasing your house or land to be sold, you become a vital player in the ever so much larger scheme of things. A buyer cannot purchase what is not for sale – PUSH SEND! (*Find out what your home is worth*)

A good agent helps you bring your property to the forefront so that it can be found. Your home is a pin-point on a very large map without a great agent to market it and get it’s value recognized. Buyers come from the far and away and without a great agent, they will not find you, unless you are yourself a marketing guru.

We are now a very mobile no boundaries society, and marketing is required on a entirely different platform. Go into any coffee shop  during morning hours and what do you NOT see? Newspapers! What you will see are heads bowed over phones, reading the news, checking social media, and watching videos. Gone are the days when sticking a ad in the newspaper or other print magazine will assure successful selling of your home. Today’s savvy agent will reach out to other platforms of marketing. Yes, it is much more time consuming, but it is amazingly more effective.

I would love to sit down with you and share our marketing genius that will sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

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