A two story home may simply no longer meet your needs!

And yes, there are equally as many upsides to choosing a two-story home.   A two-story home seems to “hide the mess” that just naturally occurs with a young family. Having an upstairs sometimes can separate the youthful noise-level or energetic game-room activities from refuge seeking adults in the lower level. Also a two-story affords more basic privacy, especially if there is an office area downstairs or master suite. There are many reasons that choosing a two-story home is right at the right time!

There are many reasons why a two-story home may no longer meet the needs of the occupants.

  • changes in your health or health of others

  • fear of falling down stairs

  • lack of mobility

  • addition or loss of family members

  • changes in marital status

  • changes in income or financial status

  • desire to economize on heating and air-conditioning

  • difficulty maintaining  either/both inside or/and outside

Are you experiencing any of these changes that might make you rethink moving to a one-story house?

Stairs can pose problems for older adults,  temporarily disabled family members, or even our aging pets. Laundry rooms whether up or down can be an added burden to the one responsible for gathering dirty or disbursing cleaned and folded items. A simple mishap or unplanned surgery can suddenly catapult a person into a immobile situation for a indeterminate period of time. A one story home might serve you better than turning your dining room into a recovery room!

Obviously here in Texas we love our pets. They hold a special place in the hearts of many, and of course, pets are not “disposables” to be carelessly tossed aside. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to adjust our living situation to accommodate them as they age.

One of the more commonly expressed reasons  by “younger people” for needing a single-story home,  is that the aging parent may be joining their living situation. Even a split-level with only a very few steps up or down, to a person with ambulatory issues or to their assistant or caregiver, can seem like an insurmountable “mountain” to climb. And when traversing that “mountain” several times a day, it can be exhausting and stressful to both the one being cared for and the caregiver.

Nothing is more frustrating that thinking you will do a quick cleaning of the downstairs only to discover that all your cleaning supplies and or the vacuum, are upstairs. (invariably!) Supplies always seem to be down when you are upstairs, and always up when you are needing them downstairs! (But maybe that is just me!)  That never seemed to be a problem when  young and spry, abounding with energy, and in optimal health! However, when the superhero phase of our life is passed, heading up the stairs for a sponge or bottle of this or that  can be a “chore” in and of itself!


Most newer two-stories have a minimum of dual climate control. The more modern home can be made comfortable by regulating the temperature and only cooling or heating as it is needed within specific areas; however that is not necessarily the case in older non-updated homes. Many of them only have one heating/cooling unit and no way to manage the inside targeted  areas except by closing off doors (or hanging a sheet or quilt). In the winter, the heat rises and while everyone upstairs may be overly heated, the ones downstairs may claim they’re “freezing”! Likewise, the summer is similar. People downstairs are cold and those upstairs claim they can “hardly breathe”! Temperature variance in a two-story home is often a deal breaker and a stress maker. It can add a lot of frustration  for folks perhaps trying to manage a budget.

It is always better to prepare for future needs while there are less pressing circumstances. There is nothing worse than that sick feeling that you are now in a panic to find, close and renovate a home to meet your physical or financial needs.

If you want to investigate a single-story possibility, let’s start the process sooner rather than later.

And, if you feel this has been helpful to you or has at the very minimum caused you to stop and consider either your own circumstances or perhaps the living arrangements of a parent or other loved one, then I would love to meet and chat with you.

I will show you  all the possibilities and options, search for you and present available properties for your consideration. I will help you with lenders, title companies, surveyors, appraisers and inspectors if we need them. I am here to work for you if you want to buy and/or sell in order to make this change.

My goal is to assist you with an easy (hopefully stress-free) transition. After all this is what I am trained to do!

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