Flipping house is a heck of a lot of work, great fun and very rewarding. The downside is you sometimes have to wait for a return. A couple of mini-tips for flipping are:

  • Buy cheap
  • Think of the end result. A house with good bones is what you are looking for. There might not even be a ceiling or even a roof.
  • Don’t get attached! You are not going to live in it!
  • Do repair and restore based on the best bang for your buck. In other words, don’t over-do but do it nice. Nice does not and probably should not be expensive.
  • Focus on Kitchen and Bathrooms. These two rooms sell your flipper. A honey of a kitchen (even if they never cook) and a updated gorgeous bathroom are what buyers want.
  • Stage it to Sell it!

Remember too much furniture and staging make a home seem smaller! Also some buyers have absolutely zero vision on their own so staging correctly to encompass the “decorating genius”, “the minimalist” as well as “the visionless” is the key! Sound difficult? Follow our tips and ideas below to do it right.

Offer great curb appeal

Pulling up to their potential new home should be a joyful experience for buyers. Whether a first time home buyer or seasoned purchaser, curb appeal is the first and most lasting impression, Give them the great first impression they’re hoping for with curb appeal that conveys a genuinely warm welcome.

Little things can really beef up the exterior. Think of replacing or adding stylish house numbers, updated porch lighting, and placing a cheery welcome mat.  Fresh painted front door in a classy color. Charming outdoor seating topped off by flowers or pillows in bloom may seem extravagant but make all the difference.

When a house looks cared for on the outside, it lets buyers know the inside has been maintained, too.

Create ambiance

Once potential buyers step inside, give them a personal, heart-string connection to the house. Remember to address all five senses:

  • Sight. Use flattering lighting throughout the house to brighten dark corners and create playful shadows. This includes canned lighting, floor and table lamps, hanging pendants, and under-counter spot lights.
  • Smell. Create a very subtle, pleasant scent throughout the house by lighting scented candles or plugging in an aromatherapy diffuser. Citrus, vanilla, and lavender as well as a home-baked kitchen scent are perfect choices. Make sure the smell is subtle, not overbearing.
  • Touch. Incorporate texture through fabrics that entice touching, which promotes a personal connection to a space. T-towel in the kitchen, soft throw over a chair, bath towel placed in bathroom.
  • Sound. Turn on quiet but peppy music, hang wind chimes, or install a water feature to relax anyone touring the house. These little noises also helps relieve the awkwardness.
  • Taste. It never hurts to have some cookies or a candy bowl ready! Also be sure to offer chilled bottled water. Place a note that invites endulgence.

Buyers are motivated and seduced by different senses. By appealing to all five senses, you’re sure to help potential buyers connect to the house.

Enhance floor space

If there’s one thing every buyer is looking for, it’s square footage. Play up every inch of it for them!

To make the house feel spacious, put breathing room around monochromatic furniture, and hang mirrors to reflect windows and room openings. Hang drapes high (or don’t use them at all), place large artwork on the walls, and lay down oversized area rugs. Do not block walls and windows.

Choose furniture on legs to create a sense of lightness, and use decorative knickknacks sparingly to increase surface space. Create a distant focal point, such as a plant at the top of the stairs or a beautiful pendant light at the end of a hallway.

Architecture: Don’t hide -Embrace

Even if your house flip includes some quirky architectural details, it’s best to show them off rather than try to hide them. After all, a house’s personality is part of its charm. And there is a buyer for every single house!

You haven’t flipped it till you’ve actually sold it, so hopefully these staging tips will help you in your endeavors. Selling your house is going to be so FLIPPING FUN!




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