I have clients who want to save money by not having an inspection. They prefer not to see the long term possible outcomes. As someone who has awakened to a fire in my child’s bedroom from faulty wiring, I am more than aware of what can happen.  Nothing is worth the $300 or so “savings” that may be procured by by-passing an inspection. Homeowners may find that repairs needed as soon as they move in require a much larger investment than the cost of the by-passed inspection.

Inspectors are trained to find that which is not visible to the layman’s eye. Below are some examples of  really crazy stuff inspectors have found while performing routine inspections. The potential for huge expenses and even bodily harm was present. However some are so crazy, even the untrained eye may have noticed these.

Part Auto Part Sink Drain?

Yep! That is aluminum foil!

Water Sprinkler System?

Watch Your Step Upstairs.. Could be a Little Soft!

Capped guttering Kind of Defeats the Purpose?!?

Chimney leak provides the start of a really great game?

The new Rodent Condo didn’t work all that well…

Even if a client has to do their own repairs after inspection, before closing on the purchase of a home it is always a good idea to have one.

Don’t be deceived on a new home either. I know of new construction that even after it passed code was found to be grossly in error by a real estate inspector. A home in a new subdivision had to have the roof completely removed and rebuilt. One example is that sometimes drains are not actually connected and inspectors have uncovered it.

Play it Safe – Just have an inspection!

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